Photoreactor TAK120AC (Air-Cooled)

The Photoreactor TAK120AC provides 10 slots for photochemical reactions. The circular arrangement guarantees homogenous stirring on a common stirring plate. You can use vials with D: 22 mm and H: up to 48 mm.

Each slot is equipped with 8 LEDs (4 LEDs of each color) mounting in a maximum of 7 Watt radiation power per slot. You can set an irradiation time and intensity via the control panel.

The reactions within the Photoreactor TAK120AC are air-cooled by an effective and silent ventilator. Thus, they remain at a constant temperature slightly above room temperature.

An integrated temperature probe continuously measures the temperature of each reaction and displays this value on the screen. This also enables the setting of a maximum sample temperature to safeguard your experiment (the photoreactor will automatically shut off).

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